Dieter's Dream Food - Top 10 Miracle Facts about Horseradish Horseradish is an often-overlooked food in the dieter's arsenal. But recent canada goose jacket studies have begun to reveal its amazing abilities to do everything from killing bacteria to fighting cancer. Best of all may be the fact that it has virtually zero calories or fat or carbs, yet is full of powerfully healthful substances. To get a daily dose of it (all it takes is a teaspoon a day to get all the benefits ), try mixing a little everyday into ketchup and use as a dip for raw vegetables. This and ketchup are the main ingredients in that scrumptious shrimp cocktail dip you love, so now it's time to put this powerhouse vegetable to new, delicious uses! Here's why! Top 10 Miracle Facts about Horseradish: 1. Has 10 times the anti-cancer glucosinates as broccoli. 2. It has compounds that may suppress the growth of cancerous tumors. 3. It has compounds may actually prevent the formation of cancerous tumors. 4. A serving (1 teaspoon) has no calories, no fat, no carbs, no sugar. 5. Even without calories, it packs a vitamin punch, being cheap canada goose jackets rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, sodium, and phosphorous. 6. It is rich in vitamin C--79 mg per 100 g of horseradish. In fact, it reportedly has one of the highest concentrations of Vitamin C per gram of any vegetable. 7. It contains compounds that kill bacteria, including E. coli, listeria, and staph. 8. It has compounds that increase the liver's ability to detoxify carcinogens. 9. Processing does not diminish its powers but rather enhances its powers. 10. A full daily dose is small--less canada goose outlet than 1 teaspoon per day. As you can see, even if you don't like horseradish, it's easy to incorporate it in your diet because you only need a tiny amount. It's a whole lot cheaper that a supplement too. So give it a try and enjoy the benefits.

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